A Girl & Her Food: About


Kat Levitt
Where do you live?
Chicago (WickerPark/Bucktown)
Where were you born?
 Krakow, Poland. I immigrated to Chicago when I was 8 months old.
Have you ever lived in another country?
I studied aboard in Sevilla, Spain, and
I lived with a Mexican Family and studied Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico for two consecutive summers.
Why did you start a girl & her Food?   
I started a blog because I had my friends and family asking me to share my recipes with them. I love to cook but I also love eating out and have been lucky to travel the world, I consider myself the go-to girl for restaurants and where to jet-set!
Do you have formal Culinary Training? 
No! I learned to cook from my Mother and Grandmas. I wasn’t in a sorority at Indiana University so I was forced to cook for my roommates and myself.
Are you a traveler, explorer or an Adventurer?
All the above! I scuba dived in the Galapagos with hammerhead sharks and love to backcountry and snowcat ski
What is your favorite place you have traveled to?
Hands down, my honeymoon in the Maldives.
Name two ingredients you use the most in your cooking?
Garlic and Fresh Herbs
What is something People would be surprised to know about you??
I have an obsession with black cats and boxers. I sat on the board for PAWS Chicago for years, I spent countless hours volunteering and fostering. I also worked at Tree House Humane Society coordinating rescues and community outreach on TNR and Spay/Neutering.
What would be your last meal?
Eating out, it would be Avec in Chicago.
Cooking in, a grilled steak and potato.