A Girl & Her Food: yusho-chicago



As I travel the world, I believe the best way to emerge yourself in culture is by seeking street food. I have become a street food addict, currently obsessed with Asian.  A girl hearts all her great Wicker Park/ Buck town nosheries but Logan Square is where this foodie can eat her heart out.  Chef Matthias Merges, you are my hero of good food, taste and experience.  Yusho is a yakitori inspired spot with funky and fun d├ęcor with unbelievable food and cocktails.
The grill is hot, make a reservation and head over there tonight for dinner!  

Cocktail of the night: 

pisco punch don cesar especial pisco, sencha, pineapple & umeboshi gomme syrup, lemon

a girl starts with grilled birds: 

chicken wings bonito salt, lime, thai chile

duck confit takoyaki, chile, bonito, scallions

now to land & sea 
salmon orange teriyaki, arugula, cedar 
2x Fried Chicken kanzuri, matcha & lime 
creatively served on a Japanese newspaper 
steam bun  short ribs, bok choy kimchi, peanuts 
the logan 'poser' ramen crispy pig's tail, hen egg, cucumber, thai chile

finish up with a sweet 
yusho pokey togarashi caramel, ginger chocolate 
2853 North Kedzie 

Yusho on Urbanspoon


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