A Girl & Her Food: Cucumber Feta Bites


Cucumber Feta Bites

I love making these crisp, light and refreshing bites. I always have all the ingredients on hand. With my herb garden in bloom, I try to incorporate my fresh herbs in every meal I make. I served these as an hors d'ouerves at my Mother's Day brunch and my guests told me they could eat the whole tray by themselves.  I also enjoying making these as a snack. It's a perfect and a cooling bite for summer!


2 cucumbers, washed and cut lengthwise (Seedless preferably)
1/4 cup of Feta cheese, crumbled (Goat's milk feta is my favorite!)
1 tablespoon of fresh mint chopped (you can use mint, parsley or dill)
Fresh ground pepper to taste
A pinch of Sea Salt


Once you cut the cucumber lengthwise begin to scoop out the middle with the seeds. (I used the scoop insides to make a tzatziki sauce for my grilled lamb.) Mix the feta, fresh herb, pepper and salt. Spoon into the gutted cucumber center. Slice the stuffed cucumber into 1 inch pieces or bite sized wedges. Serve immediately. 


  1. Anonymous28.6.12

    These look great, so fresh and simple to make! I just found your blog you have some great recipes I'm looking forward to trying! Hope you don't mind if I follow :)

    1. In right quantity, ingredients makes the things tasty. Only professionals are qualified for making such things the same as academic experts are willing to provide accounting assignment help for the understudies of higher education.

  2. Thank you Allie! I like your blog too and started following you too! Let me know what recipes are your favorite! Xo

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