A Girl & Her Food: The Office in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


The Office in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

the story behind the name of The Office
...once upon a time, in the decade of te 70's, when our peninsula was a remote and isolated place and a few visitors came to the region, the first -and at that time the only- palapa on the beach is built on the médano beach of Cabo San Lucas...
...on the virgin beach, this palapa, with it's small kitchen and unpretentious bar, tended to the needs of locals and the few tourists we then had, offering simple fare such as ceviche, fries fish, burritos or hamburguers, and the always wanted margaritas, cuba libres and beers, besides the traditional water or coffee...
...a local character, a gringo viejo -as the writer Carlos Fuentes would say-, rented wind surf equipment on the beach and here entertained his clients and friends, in this same palapa which was reffered to by him and others as the office, the office on the beach...

...the name stuck, and shortly after a blue sign with yellow lettering popped
up identifying the place officially as an office... The Office on the Beach.
The rest is history...

You can't beat the views! 

sipping on a "skinny" margarita 
home made corn tortillas

The Office on the beach
Playa El Médano, Cabo San Lucas

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