A Girl & Her Food: A Girl's Weekend


A Girl's Weekend


Breakfast On-the-go: 

Siggi's  coconut with fresh organic raspberries 

with the hubby, Steve, at Dear Franks in Deerfield

super chicken sandwich,cheddar burger,cheese fries & dill pickles

I happened to run into the #1 distributor, Mark, for Vienna Beef.
 We were obsessed with his custom hand-knit beanie. 

Top by Cynthia Rowley 

Mark gave us a gallon of Vienna Beef's BBQ sauce. Every weekend we will be making our famous Levitt Baked Salami, who's coming over? Thanks Mark!! 

Friday Night

Siena Tavern Opening Party 

Top Chef: Season 5 Fan Favorite, Fabio Viviani teamed up with Lucas Stoioff and David Rekhson to open this vintage meets modern style restaurant in the center of Chicago's bustling dining and bar scene in River North.  The party was flawless, fun and energetic with all the socialites of Chicago attending.  

Fabio Viviani and a girl 

The Pizza Bar 

Fresh Herb Wall
The bartenders used fresh herbs for their signature cocktails 

Siena Tavern's stellar cocktail menu: 

  • NO. 1 absolut, ginger zest, lemon, sage tincture 12
  • NO. 2 grey goose, peach, lemon, blueberry lavender, cherry bark vanilla bitters, prosecco 12
  • NO. 3 hennessy vs, solera sherry, orange liqueur, winter spice, angostura bitters, orange bitters 12
  • NO. 4 plymouth, lavender honey, lemon, creme de violette 12
  • NO. 5 makerís mark bourbon, averna amaro, allspice dram, marsala chai, lemon, angostura bitters, sparkling apple cider 12
  • NO. 6 bombay sapphire, benedictine, angostura bitters, maple, lime 12
  • NO. 7 bacardi superior, creme de cacao, yellow chartreuse, winter spice, orange, lemon 12
  • NO. 8 johnny walker black, honey, apricot, bittercube jamaican, lime, grapefruit 12
  • NO. 9 jameson, gingerbread, creme de noisette, angostura bitters, lime 12
  • NO. 10 woodford double oaked, luxardo bitters & maraschino, apricot 12
  • NO. 11 patron silver, grappa, st germain, chamomile, orange bitters, lime, basil 12
A quick pic of my handsome date, Marc J. Sievers and my girles! 
Yes, that's my competitor and winner from Bobby's Dinner Battle Chicago on Food Network! 

Top by Marni and Pant by Naven 

Sarah and I 
 (She won the Food Network Challenge: for a prize winning cake!)


Brunch: Janik' Cafe 

As featured on Chicago's Best episode on belly warmers, Chicken Lime soup at Janik's Cafe.
I am addicted to this soup, especially on a cold Chicago day! Click here to see how it's made.

Saturday Night 

We started our evening celebrating Drew's Birthday! 

Johanna made these gift bags for Drew's out-of-town guests; How cute are they? 
We headed to dinner and drinks at Ay Chiwowa! 

Steve was not happy when I suggested to order the $4k bottle of tequila

I loved all three sauces but my pictures of the tacos came out so dark 

My best friend, Brooke and I!

We both enjoyed a Beerita! You must go and try one ASAP! 

After dinner we headed out to our friend Danny's Birthday party. It was a long night, so Brooke and I ended up at Wiener's  Circle!!!  (Chicago's most famous hot dog spot!) Be sure to ask for a chocolate shake ; )

We walk in and the crew behind the counter yelled at us
"What do you anoxeric and bulimic b***tches want?

I was invited behind the counter which is so cool!  Of course, someone ordered a CHOCOLATE Shake!!!!  SO fun!

Hope you had a fun weekend!