A Girl & Her Food: Chinese New Year at Sunda Chicago


Chinese New Year at Sunda Chicago

Steve and I rang in The Year of The Snake at Sunda, for their celebratory menu recognizing the Chinese New Year. They offered delicious specials from Chef Jess DeGuzman along with a traditional Chinese Dragon Dance. Steve travels to China a lot and enjoyed the authenticity of the food and Chinese customs that were incorporated into the night. 

To drink, I started with a Billy's Super Fresh Saketini.  
Steve had the Grass Tiger.  Both were fantastic and refreshing. 

 The Snake Charmer  

 soft shell crab, salmon, unagi, avocado, cucumber and tempura crumbs

Hot and Sour Soup 
chicken, pork, tofu, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts 

I always love the range of flavors in this dish and this time was no exception.  The serving was plentiful, and no doubt great tasting.

Mushroom Siu Mai 
mushroom medley and truffled soy

The mushrooms were excellent, and truffle soy was not over powering, just the way it should be.

The Dragon Dance

A girl and her dragon 

Sesame Chicken 
Bok choy, Scallions, Chili's, Crispy Noodles  

Think your typical American style Chinese sesame chicken, and then jazz it up a bit. 

Szechwan Long Beans  
Sesame oil, Szechwan Pepper, Garlic, Chili's  
I thought it was really good and reminded me of a dish I ate in Beijing.  

“Off the Hook” Red Snapper
bok choy, carrots and xiao xing rice wine sauce 

The presentation was incredible. They take the skeleton of the red snapper and deep fry it.  The filleted chunks of meat once attached to the fish are deep fried and sit below the the skeleton on the plate for you to enjoy.  Bok Choy is one of my favorite Chinese veggies! It was "off the hook"! 

Pepper Steak  
Pepper crusted Filet Mignon, arugula, frisee, chili lime sauce 

The flavors were fantastic and an upscale version of pepper beef! 

Mu Shu Duck  
Asian pancake, roasted duck, cabbage, carrots, crispy skin, scallion, hoisin.  

These were absolutely amazing. Probably my favorite dish.
 It reminded me of an incredible China style taco.

Ginger Tofu 
Boston lettuce, scallions, chili's, garlic 

This was really light and the tofu acts like a sponge and soaks up the flavors from the scallions, chili's, and garlic.  For those vegetarians, this is a good dish to get your protein on.

Steamed Fish 

Mushroom, Ginger, Scallion, black beans, sesame soy. 

The concept and presentation of this dish was wonderful.  Steve remarked this was the most authentic Chinese style dish that was served, and that he has eaten many similar style dishes in Fuzhou, located on the China eastern seaboard across from Taipai. 

Mango, Red Bean, Strawberry, Vanilla & Green Tea Mochi 

Steve has a sweet tooth.  Of course he couldn't pass on some Mochi mixed flavors served along side an assortment of dipping sauces. Yummy!

Our evening was fun and perfect. I highly recommend you plan to go to Sunda next year to ring in the Chinese New Year!  The service was expectational and the staff was very friendly. Sunda is one of my favorite upscale and trendy Asian spots to eat in Chicago. It's a Chicago hot spot and you probably will see a celebrity there; I saw Olympian Jordan Weaver! 
It was recently listed in THE ultimate guide, 

110 W. Illinois

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