A Girl & Her Food: Macy's Culinary Council/Flower Show with Stephanie Izard


Macy's Culinary Council/Flower Show with Stephanie Izard

The magic of Macy's was blooming yesterday on State Street; it's store windows drenched Asian-inspired blooms for the Macy's Flower Show, "The Painted Garden".  It gave your eyes a much needed awakening that spring is FINALLY here and in the air. While inside the store, The Macy's Culinary Council was hosting a cooking demo with Chef Stephanie Izard, further delighting one's sensory palette. Crowds gathered to watch the Top Chef Season 4 Alum, winner of Food and Wine's Best New Chef, and a James Beard Nominee do her magic in the kitchen.  

I am lucky to live in Chicago and have met Stephanie on several occasions, besides being a spectacular chef she has a vibrant, funny and warming personality.  All the guests at the demo were gleaming to see her cook up some samples and to meet her as she is the newest member of the Culinary Council. Since the Macy's flower show is going on, the theme of the culinary demonstration was "FLOWER" and she came up with some great recipes to share.  

Steph and I @LittleGoatDiner

For the first treat, Stephanie offered us a taste of two breads from her new spot, Little Goat Bread.  A tortone (garlic.mashed potatoes.crusty.dark) and a Bacon Gouda bread, both being unbelievable.  Its amazing how good bread can be if done right. It takes "flower" power to make these delicious breads. 


Next, Stephanie demonstrated how to make home-made water crackers. She gushed over her love for cheese (especially, Parmesan) and crackers.  I don't know about you but I am excited to have this recipe.  It can be the "wow" factor for your next party telling your guests your crackers are homemade! Stephanie served the crackers with a crab dip. I am addicted to both and my mouth is watering as I write this thinking about that sample.  

Water Crackers with Crab Dip 

 With Chicago's Green City Farmer's Market starting up soon, it was appropriate that Stephanie's next creation featured roasted cauliflower with pickled peppers (an amazing dish on the menu at her restaurant Girl & The Goat).  The pickled peppers were so good that after the demo I ran over to Little Goat and bought them.  Next time i will pickle them myself, but time is tight right now during the Passover and Easter celebrations!

My favorite taste came from the last sample, an Asian inspired "crepe" stuffed with goat meat served alongside a spring salad.   The combination of flavors was incredible, and this dish was right on theme using different types of "flower".  

"Crepe" filled with goat meat and Spring salad 
(asparagus, blueberries, sunflower seed and sprouts)

All in all it was a great afternoon watching the demo and enjoying delicious food from Stephanie Izard.  What more could a girl ask for?  I look forward to attending more Macy's Culinary Council cooking demos, that is for sure! 

I will post all the recipes as I will try to recreate Stephanie's dishes in my kitchen.....

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