A Girl & Her Food: Brunch @ The Bristol


Brunch @ The Bristol

The Bristol, located in Bucktown (my neighborhood), is the sister restaurant to Balena. I headed over there with my husband, my friend Nick and his out-of-town foodie friend to enjoy a lovely Saturday brunch.  Chef Chris Pandel's creations are some of the most delicious dishes in Chicago. From his pasta, charcuterie, to the most OMG farm to table vegetarian dishes this meat eating gal craves, Pandel brings it all. The Bristol is open for brunch both Saturday and Sunday, so do yourself a favor and go check it out this weekend! You can make a reservation by clicking here

We started with a shared "appetizer" of the cinnamon roll 

Nick's friend and I ordered the smoked gouda burger with duck confit, cherry peppers, vidalias with a duck fat fries. 

      Nick ordered the biscuits and gravy, black pepper and sage sausage with a poached egg 

Steve, my husband, is a chilaquiles aficionado. He always orders that for brunch.  This chilaquiles were served with fried eggs, lime, cilantro and queso fresco no corn tortilla/chips. 

2152 North Damen Ave

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  1. I love, love, love The Bristol! Their duck fat fries are to die for... oh, and let's not forget the amazing monkey bread.

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