A Girl & Her Food: Balena



Have you ever drooled over a food shot on Instagram? and had the thought you needed to have it now?  Well, I know I'm guilty of that!  It happened to me recently with a shot from Balena's kitchen, of Chef Chris Pandel's grilled lamb chop with mint salsa verde.  Balena is the sister restaurant to The Bristol, and it's one of my favorite spots in the 'hood to dine for dinner or brunch.  Its been in my dining rotation since its opening week, when I was blown away by the Zingerman's burrata beet salad and orecchiete with kale, lemon, and breadcrumbs (still on the menu by the way but with gigli pasta).Balena is perfect for a date night or group dining, and I even planned a wonderful Bachelorette party there for my girlfriend January.  

Steve, my husband and I went for our date night! 

We started with the rigatoni, pork ragu, porcini mushrooms 

Next, a 12" pizza with brussels sprout, red onion, pancetta, pecorino romano. You can get shaved truffles added to your pizzas at M.P. Now, that's baller!

Finally, the dish I have been dying to try! Grilled lamp chops, mint salsa verde, braised cannellini beans. Bravo Balena for satisfying our taste buds again!

1633 North Halsted 

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