A Girl & Her Food: Màs Chicago


Màs Chicago

It’s taco Tuesday! ...which brings me to my recent dining experience at Más, a new modern Mexican restaurant located in Chicago’s West Loop.  I headed over there last week with two of my friends, Mary (@mfaith81) and Nate (@natecam2), who I met via my blog and other social media outlets.  We were a great match, as we share a common love for good food and drink.  We were very excited to try this new spot, as we heard it delivers above and beyond in every aspect of the dining experience.  After indulging and enjoying ourselves for 3 hours, I can attest to this claim.  To top it off, guests enjoy a few surprising twists like a jicama tortilla! 
Chef and Partner Yanitzin Sanchez (Sabor Saveur, CiNe) leads the culinary team. Leveraging both her classic culinary training and heritage, Chef Sanchez introduces a menu of savory tacos, fresh crudos and sharable plates rich in Mexican tradition and peppered with Latin and global flavors .  The restaurant offers the culinary prowess expected of the West Loop neighborhood in an environment that is both lively and approachable. The décor is modern Mexican chic with custom Aztec inspired wall fixtures. The menu draws upon standard and modern cocktail techniques using a variety of freshly prepared ingredients as well as spirits from around the world.

We started our evening with some margaritas de sandia (watermelon).


Margarita de Sandia & Prickly Pear Agua Fresca 

Guacamole is a must, Màs offers two different choices, chicharròn or tropical both served with root chips. I have a weakness for chicharròn so we went with it. 


Agua Chile
wild gulf shrimp, xcatic pear vinaiggrette, peach mezcal relish 


Duck Fresco 
sweet duck breast, fresh jicama tortilla, red lentil hummus, jardin vegetables

pork belly,sriracha, chile guajilo, truffle banana puree, frijoles de la olla 

Cod Gazapacho
pasilla panko breaded Cod, watermelon gazapacho, pink chile mayo


    Croquettes de pollo 
mashed potato bèchamel, spanish chorizo, parsley, queso cotija, piquin mayo, roasted shredded chicken 

char-grilled ribeye, chimichurri, piquillo, batonnet fries, grape tomato, queso fresco, frijoles de olla 



800 West Washington St 

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