A Girl & Her Food: Brunch at Joe Fish


Brunch at Joe Fish

Last weekend, I was invited in to try the new brunch menu at Joe Fish in River North.  Being part of the Rosebud family, I knew it was going to be great.  I grew up eating at Rosebud establishments and no matter which one you pick they never disappoint.  It was the most perfect way to spend my Sunday, as afterwards I was able to get some of my holiday shopping done being that its steps from Michigan Avenue.  I recommend stopping in for a great dining experience! 

Start with Dress your Biscuit, I ordered the Bang Bang Biscuit with Whipped Butter & Preserves

The Main Event

Eggs in Purgatory
poached eggs, pancetta, tomato sauce, parmesan 

New England Lobster Roll 
housemade pickles & slaw


Sausages and biscuit 

445 North Dearborn 
(312) 832-7700 

Joe Fish on Urbanspoon


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