A Girl & Her Food: Cellar Door Provisions


Cellar Door Provisions

"Cooking, as we all know, has much to do with timing, getting the elements of a dish to the plate at just the right moment. But what makes that timing possible is really time, in the sense of duration. Given time, flour and water become yeast for bread, pastry – even for mushrooms; apples become vinegar for dressings, pickles, and brightening dishes; tomato seeds become fruit, a meal all their own. When we give ingredients time, we as cooks, bakers, and farmers become more shepherd than engineer, and we as eaters regain the sense that food is fundamental, that it is what sustains life. Given time, food can really be something worth gathering around, with friends, family, neighbors, visitors, co-workers. And gathering in that way can really be something: organic, vital, truly warm and heartening – fulfilling."

Cellar Door Provisions. GET THERE. 

It has been on my "to eat list" for awhile now. My restaurant list is loooooooooooooooong and I add to it daily. I love that I live in a city, Chicago, that has never-ending dining experiences. 
I had plans with my friends, Brenda & Peter, for Sunday brunch. When they recommended to go to CDP, I became so excited that I can finally try their pastries and quiche. 

kouign amann


black garlic 

staff meal 

greens, bread, butter, soft boiled egg 


celery root, shaved parsnips, parsnip butter, black beans, fried egg, greens

Cellar Door Provisions
3025 W. Diversey Avenue
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