A Girl & Her Food: A Girl and Her Dog: RIP Syrus


A Girl and Her Dog: RIP Syrus

on the beaches of Michiana 

Farmer's Market in Wicker Park 

Supporting Flowers for Dreams with newly adopted sister, Nelle and Stanely "Pup"

I know this is a blog generally about food, and most of you read it because that’s what you are interested in learning about.  But its my blog, and my forum to do what I want with, and I ask you for some patience with this post as I want to write about my dog Syrus, who passed away this weekend after a fairly lengthy battling a massive brain tumor and lymphoma.

After 13  years, he decided he had enough already and passed Friday night.  He will missed more than you can imagine, but he will always be in my memories.

During my senior year of college at Indiana University, I rescued Syrus as a puppy.  It was my first  time really being intimate with the boxer breed, and as only other boxer owners know, it is an experience like no other.  Their ability to connect with their owners’ emotions are unparralled, and therefore the bonds you can create with them are human like.  We were inseperable, literally attached at the hip.  I devote a good portion of my life to my animals, and it was no different with Syrus.  He loved the beach and sand so much, we were always planning when we could get back to his favorite place in Michiana.  When one adventure ended I would start planning the next one for him.  He knew that, and appreciated it so much, and reciprocated back with unconditional love.

Syrus loved chasing balls, swimming (Most boxers can't swim!), drooling over grilled steak, mini bagels from Upper Crust, lots of snuggles and sleeping under the blanket with me. 

Although my husband and I saw Syrus’s slowly degrade over the last year or two, and were obviously prepared and expecting his passing for quite some time, it does not make it any easier.  He was a member of the family, and truly my first love.  I will never forget him, and know he is in a better place now, basking in the warm sun and chasing infinite amounts of tennis balls.  And with that, I do find a little peace.  Only time will fully heal my aching heart, but until I see you again Syrus, I want you to know how much I love you. I hope you and Stella are running around happily together. 

wrote on their Facebook page about Syrus: 

In loving memory of Syrus, an absolutely adorable 13 year old Boxer that loved to give kisses. When Syrus was a puppy his family rescued him. For a little while Syrus had just one cat sibling and they got along very well. His kitty companion would knead Syrus as cats often do when they are relaxed and content. Over the years, Syrus' family expanded to include many more rescues, including a few more Boxers and multiple cats. His parents created a wonderfully harmonious atmosphere for all of their furry companions and helped Syrus make it to the amazing age of thirteen. When Syrus was diagnosed with two types of cancer and his health declined, his parents knew it was time to let their sweet boy go. After eating a tasty steak meal, Syrus curled up in his favorite spot on the couch. His parents, his mom's parents, and his canine and feline siblings gathered around him and showered him with love as he peacefully passed away. Rest well, dear Syrus. You will be missed.

~Dr. Stacy


  1. Kat, I was so sorry to hear about Syrus - I know it isn't easy as our pets are so much more than just pets, they're family members and when you lose one it is beyond difficult and heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you guys, and sending lots of love!

  2. Losing a member of the family is never easy... sending you many positive vibes and virtual hugs!

  3. So sorry for your loss. He's lucky to have had such a loving family!

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