A Girl & Her Food: Brunch at BOHO Chicago


Brunch at BOHO Chicago

Luckily for me, BOHO Chicago started brunch last weekend and I was invited in to preview some items off the menu and believe when I tell you it is AWESOME. 

Chef Jimmy Papadopoulos has created a menu of Bohemian-inspired fare with influences from Eastern Europe, mostly Czech. But to be honest, Czechs, Russians, Germans, Austrians, Poles have very similar cuisine and interchangeable dishes and ingredients. 

As someone born in Poland and raised in a Polish family, I give the stamp of approval on every item I tried off the menu.  I love the concept and cuisine, and deem it expectational and comforting.  Eastern European cuisine doesn't get too much love in Chicago, which is a bit disappointing as we have the second biggest Polish population outside of Warsaw.  I'm hoping with Boho, that trend ends.  No other restaurant in Chicago does what Chef Papdopoulos is doing, and so it makes me extremely happy and proud.  You must give it a shot. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. 

My favorite dish was the steak and eggs spätzle. It was served with mushroom and pepper spätzle, sweet onions and aged gouda. I was not able to capture a picture of the dish because other food bloggers started to devour it before I was able to snap a picture. #PIGS (JUST KIDDING!) 

Gouda Bratwurst 
beer braised onions, radish & house mustard 

Smoked Beef Tongue Hash
poached eggs, mustard hollandaise, sweet & sour cabbage 

Bavarian Pancakes
apples, cider, pecans, farmer's cheese & powdered sugar 

Pulaski Mash 
Gin, honey, passion fruit, green bell pepper & mint 

Lox & Toast
Poached egg, cucumber,  cream cheese, salmon & dill 

Almond Poppy Seed Cake
Orange glaze & strudel

  Pork Schnitzel Sandwich 
rye bread, horseradish cream, sauerkraut, ementaler cheese & fried cheese 

Two Boho girls at BOHO
Kelly Rizzo of Eat Travel Rock 
She's one of my fave bloggers in Chicago! 

11 W Illinois Street
Chicago, IL 60654
312. 955.0439 

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  1. Gorgeous photos! All of the food looks so good, I wish I could have made this event! I'll just have to make several stops in to try all the dishes!