A Girl & Her Food: A Girl Eats: Sabatino's


A Girl Eats: Sabatino's

For years, A Girl drives past Sabatino's on her way to her Grandparents. The parking lot is always full and seems like a hidden gem offering classic Italian cuisine.  It is on her list of restaurants to eat.  One night she sees an episode covering Sabatino's on Check Please! and decides it is time for a date night with her husband at the restaurant.  The place is classic, with an old school piano lounge, tuxedo clad host, and dining room that features private and intimate coves.  A perfect setup for families and couples. You feel like Tony Soprano will walk in. 

What A Girl ate

Upon being seated, you receive pizza bread and a friendly 
welcome from the owner, Enzo. 

Bresaola over Arugula

Sausage and Peppers (not on menu)

Homemade Gnocchi

Vitello alla Toscana

*all entrees come with a soup and salad


Bananas Foster that is prepared at your table 

Sabatino's is a great value, we paid $75, tab included a bottle of wine, a very full belly, & leftovers.

A Girl gives it 3 forks (out of 4 forks)

4441 West Irving Road 

Eat Out & Enjoy! 
A Girl & Her Food

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