A Girl & Her Food: A Girl Eats: Ruxbin Chicago


A Girl Eats: Ruxbin Chicago

A Girl and her husband headed to Ruxbin for a Friday Date night.
It’s located on the cusp between Wicker Park and West Town. Ruxbin takes no reservations and is BYOB.  We forgot our libations and had the Noble Grape deliver our favorite wine and beer, The Girls in the Vineyard Cabernet and Hitachino Nest Beer in White Ale. While we waited for our delivery, we sipped on poppy seed vanilla citrus soda and black tea with passion fruit and honey. 
Both beverages helped cool us down on a 100-degree summer night. 
Hitachino Nest is the best beer! 


Cured Salmon
kalamata olive,orange,daikon,kumquat,golden beets and honey cardamom yogurt

Garlic Fries
house cut french fries with chipotle aioli

Pork Loin
crispy hominy and chickpeas,grilled peaches, roasted shallots, friend basil, and coffee chili salt
cold buckwheat noodles, slow poached egg, pickled vegetables,acorn gelee,black tea broth,and horseradish granita

Panna Cotta
lychee and toasted coconut 

Everything was very creative and delicious coming from an apartment sized kitchen! We were stoked to see COLD Soba on the menu, We LIVE for cold soba noodles and rarely see it served cold at restaurants in Chicago. We loved the vintage décor with old cookbooks and bathroom was rockin' with a rotating dark room door and walls clad with record cover wallpaper. We look forward to go back again! I heart their blog, check it out http://ruxbin.worldpress.com

A Girl gives in 4 forks (out of 5)

851 North Ashland Avenue

Eat & Enjoy!
A Girl & Her Food


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