A Girl & Her Food: A Girl Eats: Jimmy's Red Hots


A Girl Eats: Jimmy's Red Hots

So A girl heard a ton of hype on this Chicago classic dog spot, Jimmy's Red Hots, so she decided to go check it out. She was unimpressed. The dog was decent, but it wasn't the BEST. The fries were average and served on top of the dog, so not my style. Additionally, A girl loves ketchup for her fries, and Jimmy's absolutly will not serve (or carry) ketchup. No means No!

Although she enjoys a Vienna no matter what, she will stick to her top spots she is familiar with when she is craving a Chicago style dog. A girl recommends on Clark, a dog from the Weiner Circle counter at the vienna factory on Fullerton or Josh's in Northbrook.

A girl gives it one fork: Don't waste your time!

Jimmy's Red Hots
4000 W. Grand

Eat & Enjoy!
A Girl & Her Food

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