A Girl & Her Food: Juice: So Fresh,So Green


Juice: So Fresh,So Green

Don't you think I'm so healthy because I juice so fresh so green
Ain't nobody juice as good as me because I juice so fresh so green

So fresh, So green is the name of this juice because it reminds me of one of my favorite college songs from Outkast, So Fresh So Clean.

I have many followers and friends who have requested my juicing recipes. I grew up on fresh juices prepared by my Mother.  The first thing I bought when I "officially" moved out from my parents' house to my own apartment was a juicer. I NEVER touch commercially produced juice drinks ever! NO thanks to pasteurized, pesticide laden juices in plastic containers! I own and have read countless books on juicing and juice fasting.  It's become my daily routine to create and combine new juicing ingredients.  I love it.  Besides juicing on my own, about three years ago, I did the BPC twice before I wed.  When in NYC, I hit up my old favorite Organic Avenue.  Within the past year and a half, many juices bar/cleanses opened up in Chicago like Green Corner in Bucktown and Peeled in Lincoln Park.  I have tried both their cleanses. If I am running around the city and need a mid-day or post workout juice fix I stop in. The newest in Chicago is JuiceRX, has no storefront and only delivers. I have not tried it yet. 

So Fresh, So Green Juice 

serves 2 
makes about 3 cups/ 24 fluid ounces

1 bunch organic spinach (a handful size grip)
1 organic romaine lettuce heart ( took one romaine heart  from the 3-pack from Trader Joe's)
2 organic cucumbers (I used two small seedless cucumbers)
2 organic green apples (small to medium sized)
4 stalk of organic celery
Juice of one organic lemon


How do you have time?

To be honest, in my opinion it doesn't that long. I believe it's worth the 5-10 minutes of your day. When I drink fresh juice, I feel so great, my energy levels are high, my skin glows and it curbs my cravings.  Don't get me started on the health benefits and the vitamins and minerals nourishment.

Isn't cleanup such a pain?

No. I timed the cleanup and it took me less than 3 minutes.  I rinse the parts immediately after juicing. Every piece rinses off easily. The first thing I clean the filter basket with a cleaning brush. Make sure to clean up the inside walls of the juice collector.  All the high quality juicers are clean up friendly.  You don't want bacteria and mold to build up. I run my parts in the dishwasher time to time. 

How do you know the amount of each ingredient?

It depends on a few things. Are you juicing for yourself, for you and your significant other, or for a family of 4??   It depends on your taste preference. I may add more of one ingredient if I like the taste of it more. I believe you learn your favorite amounts through trial and error. There are certain guidelines when it comes to certain ingredients. 

Please feel free to ask me any additional questions! Happy Juicing!