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Grass Fed

Months ago, I read Cafe De Lucca was closing after 13 years of business and that Grass Fed was opening.  A sustainable and organic steakhouse??? My dreams were about to come true! I LOVE to eat grass fed meat.  Don't think I am crazy, but I have to buy his meat and her meat when it comes to a steak dinner at my house. Grass fed meat is healthier because it is higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Cows are suppose to eat grass. Doesn't it make sense to feed them what they are suppose to eat?

We headed to Grass Fed for our date night. It's currently in soft opening mode and will open July 21st officially.  I loved what they did with the space. The decor is simple with the white walls, black ceilings, and green banquette seating. The exterior reminds me of a eatery you would find in NYC's West Village or Soho. We decided to sit outside because it was a perfect Summer night for dining al fresco.

We ordered an Arnold Shankar (chai and vanilla infused bourbon, house made lemonade) and Sandia Caliente (jalapeno infused tequila, watermelon lime). Both served from a vintage glass bottle. I really enjoy them, they were very refreshing and delicious. 

Sandia Caliente (right) Arnold Shankar (left)

I went back inside the restaurant to see the rotating seasonal sides on the chalkboard.

We decided to order the brussel sprouts. They were prepared with beef fat, lemon, and bleu cheese; how could i pass on that?

brussel sprouts 

We ordered the fixed menu for $25; as it was the only dinner service option on the menu! It included a market salad with homemade bread. The pieces of mint leaves in the salad and the light dressing made it taste so fresh. I think Grass Fed should make the salad and bread unlimited all you can eat! If you don't eat meat, they offer a vegetarian option.

Market Salad with Homemade Bread

The Grass Fed steak with house sauce and fries comes out in a two part meal; so your meal never gets cold. The sirloin, sauce and fries reminded me of steak frites. The second cut of steak came out with sauce on the side of the sirloin and fries. I hope they will begin offering grass fed filet or rib eye not only sirloin.

I highly recommend going to check out this new Bucktown spot!

1721 North Damen Avenue

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  1. Can't wait to try this place! looks so yummy! great meeting you today. xo

  2. i will definitely be trying this place soon! the exterior photo is kind of reminding me a little of The Standard in NY with all the white!!

    It was great meeting you today!! Now a follower....xo

  3. Hooooly crap this food looks delicious! It's been a year too long since I've had a meal like this! Over in South Korea, it's all rice and kimchi..bleh. Man oh man I am hungry looking at these food pictures!! www.eatplaylovethattop.com

  4. I love kimchi! I want to make my own. Come visit Shireen!

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  6. Thanks Nancy! Thank you!!!