A Girl & Her Food: Wicker Park Farmers Market


Wicker Park Farmers Market

In the summertime, Chicago offers vendors selling fruits, vegetables, flowers, and food at many neighborhood farmer's markets, so I try to go to Green City Market in Lincoln Park every Wednesday and/or Saturday, and Wicker Park's every Sunday.  I can't believe I have not yet written a post on my fresh produce and farm goods shopping. I promise that I'll dedicate a weekly post on my local farmer's market finds. I walked over to Wicker Park farmers market with my boxer, Stanley "Pup", and an iced coffee in hand, from Cipollina. This market isn't the biggest, but I love the farmers and vendors that come. I also get to mingle with all my neighbors! Most importantly, the selection of produce is perfect for my juicing and cooking! Last week, I picked fresh produce right next to Rick Bayless! So check out your local farmers markets, as you never know what you may find! I will be sharing some of my farmer's market recipes soon. 

Nichols Farm stand: 

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I bought everything you see in the pictures. What would you buy???


  1. I miss going to the farmer's market. I'll try to make it this weekend. Those berries look delish!

  2. Hi there! I just recently stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love it! I will definitely be back soon!
    I too, live in Chicago and love to explore the various farmer's markets around the city! All of the fresh produce you show in these pictures look absolutely delicious!! I should check out the Wicker Park Farmer's Market sometime soon.


  3. @Chris When is our dinner date???

  4. @Sydney Thank you! I love your blog too! Where do you live in Chicago???

  5. Hi!
    I'm following Erin @ Living in Yellow.
    Love your blog! Food food food!!!

    Following you!



  6. Hi Kat, so I found your blog via LIY, and why did I not hear of your blog before?!!! Really like it! Especially the fact that food is the theme through out the blog such as "So forking good", love it!!! As for your question, I would buy the squash flowers, once saw on TV that you can stuff and grill/boil them. Not sure how it would taste but I could at least try right? Anyways you now have a new follower who also loves food!

  7. Love your blog and quite frankly, I'd buy ALL of these farmers market wonders!