A Girl & Her Food: Eden Eats


Eden Eats

With the holidays right around the corner, CBN thought it was totally appropriate to fluff  a girl & her food up for one of the most delicious times of the year! So, I was invited to celebrate new twists on holiday cooking hosted by celeb chef , Eden Grinshpan, from the Cooking Channel's"Eden's Eats!" Eden demonstrated some of her fave holiday recopies with you guessed it, A TWIST. Each dish was inspired by Eden's exploration of multi-cultural holiday eats. Guests experienced Kenmore brand's time saving cooking innovations paired with delicious food and cocktails! I also joined  cookmore a kenmore site, where a girl can create an amazing digital cookbook and share with my family & friends!! 

Eden in the Kenmore kitchen, let the demonstrations begin! 


Eden and I. I absoultely LOVE her. 

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