A Girl & Her Food: Polish Christmas Eve Dinner


Polish Christmas Eve Dinner

Polish Christmas Eve dinner is called Wigilia, every year it is hosted by a Girl’s Aunt and Uncle. When the first star in the sky appears, the family gathers at the table to begin the meatless feast to commemorate the birth of Baby Jesus.  The table is decorated in a white tablecloth with a nativity scene on a layer of hay to remember the birth of Baby Jesus in the manger. Before sitting down at the table, all members of the family break the traditional wafer oplatek, and exchange good wishes.  The oplatek is a thin wafer stamped with images of the God Child, Mary and the Angels. Polish carols, kolendy, are played and sung during the meal.  Meals and traditions vary from family to family.

A girl and her cousin, Alex 

The table is set plus on extra setting for an "unexpected guest" 

Vodka is chilled and ready to go! 
Wesolych Swait

First Course

Red beet soup with mushroom filled dumplings 
Barszcz czerwony z uszkami z prawdziwkow

Second Course

Sauerkraut with white beans. Served with sliced challah bread.
Kapusta z grochem na goraco. Chalka.

Third Course
Gefilte Fish served with fresh lemon and sliced challah bread
Ryba (karp lub walley pike) w galarecie po Zydowsku (z rodzynkami i migdalami) z octem lub cytryna. Chalka.

Fourth Course 

Freshwater fish, usually whitefish, carp, trout, walleye or pike, is breaded and fried. Served with sliced challah bread, horseradish, beet relish and chopped vegetable salad.
Ryba smazona (karp lub white fish) z sosem chrzanowym, cwikla i saltka z jarzyn. Chalka.

The vegetable salad is always prepared by my parents. It's delicious! 

I love my Aunt's vintage partridge lemon juicer 

Fifth Course
Pierogi stuffed with cheese, potato and onion.
Pierogi ruski
Pierogi stuffed with sauerkraut and onion
Pierogi z kapusta

Merry Christmas!
Wesolych Swiat